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comments_img Rep. Of Ireland: Premier 19:45 Bohemians VS Shamrock Rovers

At the 25.round of the Irish Premier League Bohemians will miss out three regular players. Central back Lopez (21/- CB) and Beattie (22/1 CF) are both suspended, Memery (6/- LB) is missing by other reason. Murphy (10/- AM) is injured since long time ago. Top goalscorer Corcoran (17/8 CF) is doubtful, like regular leftback Pender (21/- LB). Wearen (8/3 CB) is back, ready to play. This is the city derby at Dublin, the rivalry is huge between the two clubs. Bohemians won their last two home matches.

Shamrock Rovers will miss out second best goalscorer Kilduff (20/5 CF) for injury reason.

ZNews - 17/08/2014 21:53 CET


comments_img Russia: Premier League 18:00 Kuban VS Amkar

At the 4.round of the Russian Premier League Kuban Krasnodar will miss out Danilo (3/- CF), the regular player of the attacking section because he is suspended. Other regular player Baldé (-/- FW) also suspended. Melgarejo (-/- LW), key player of the team also injured.

Amkar Perm could play with full strength squad, Jakubko (-/- FW) is back, ready to play.

ZNews - 18/08/2014 07:53 CET


comments_img Sweden: Allsvenskan 18:00 Ifk Norrkoping VS Halmstad

At the 20.round of the Swedish Allsvenskan IFK Norrköping will miss out regular defender Wahlqvist (14/- RB) because he is suspended. Frempong (8/- RM) and Gerson (10/1 CM) are both injured, Citaku (-/- RM) missing by other reason.

Halmstad will miss out regular player Baldvinsson (15/4 FW) and Maholli (-/- CF) both for injury reason. Halmstad is one of the weakest away team in the Allsvenskan (1W 1D 7L).

ZNews - 18/08/2014 07:28 CET


comments_img Rep. Of Ireland: Premier 19:45 Drogheda United VS Derry City

At the 25.round of the Irish Premier League Drogheda United will miss out two regular players. Second best goalscorer Brennan (19/6 LM) is suspended, like Holohan (19/2 CM). Maher (13/- CM) is injured since the middle of July. Daly (21/1 RB), regular right back of the team is doubtful.

Derry City will miss out McBride (15/2 CB) and Molloy (17/1 DM) both for injury reason. Second best goalscorer Patterson (17/9 CF) is back, ready to play. Derry City lost their last two matches.

ZNews - 18/08/2014 07:02 CET


comments_img Rep. Of Ireland: Premier 19:45 Ucd VS Athlone Town

At the 25.round of the Irish Premier League UCD will miss out Langtry (17/1 RB) and Boyle (12/1 CB) both for injury reason. Clarke (6/1 CF) also injured, but since long time ago. Regular right back Matthews (20/- RB) is doubtful.

Athlone Town have two doubtful players, S.Bryne (17/- LB) and Rusk (17/1 CF). Regular midfielder O'Brien (21/4 CM) is back, ready to play. Athlone Town is the weakest away team of the Irish Premier League (0W 2D 10L).

ZNews - 18/08/2014 08:00 CET


comments_img England: Premier League 20:00 Burnley VS Chelsea

At the first round of the English Premier League Burnley will miss out one key player. Vokes (-/- CF) is injured.

Chelsea will miss out two players. Drogba (-/- FW) is injured, Ramires (-/- CM) is suspended.

ZNews - 18/08/2014 06:51 CET


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Date: Aug 18, 2014