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comments_img Friendly Games: Friendly International 12:00 South Korea VS Uruguay

South Korea will miss out regular goalkeeper Jung Sung-Ryong (63/- GK), second best goalscorer Park Chu-Young (66/24 FW), Hong Jeong-Ho (28/1 D), Park Joo-Ho (14/0 D), Kim Jin-Su (10/0 D), Kang Min-Soo (33/0 D), Koo Ja-Cheol (40/13 M), Kim Bo-Kyung (30/3 M), Ha Dae-Sung (13/0 M), Yeom Ki-Hun (49/3 M), Lee Ho (26/0 M), Ji Dong-Won (30/8 FW) and Kim Shin-Wook (29/3 FW).

Uruguay will miss out top goalscorer Luis Suárez (79/40 FW) and second best goalscorer Diego Forlán (112/36 FW), Diego Lugano (95/9 D), Andrés Scotti (40/1 D), Walter Gargano (64/1 M), Diego Pérez (89/2 M), Gastón Ramírez (31/0 M), Sebastián Eguren (54/7 M) and Álvaro Fernández (12/0 M). Álvaro González (48/2 M) is doubtful.

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comments_img Rep. Of Ireland: Premier 19:45 Dundalk VS Derry City

Dundalk will miss out O'Donnell (8/1 CM) and Kelly (-/- CM) both for injury reason, but they are unavailable since long time ago. Dundalk has won four IPL matches in a row!

Derry City have one doubtful regular player, Ventre (20/- DM).

Derry City is playing an important cup mutch on saterday and coach said that they will be fully focused on that match so today he will make rotations to save best players for that match..


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updated montex



Dundalk is the most recent champion in the 1994-95 season, the team that dominated the league for a long time if you miss the championship would be a big disappointment. St.Patrick's displacement after the defeat last week with Corrie City fell 3 points difference. This points to make up for the loss of just three points today are focused. There are no important shortcomings of the team.

Derry City
36 points which ranks # 6 in Derry City last week drew a bit unstable. Red-white team last four defeats in six matches, took two wins. Ventre emerging from injuries midfielder's situation will become clear as the match clock. Dundalk Derry City in the last 5 games against rival could get only 1 draw.

additional information.

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comments_img Europe (uefa): Euro 2016 France 19:45 Austria VS Sweden

In recent years, advances in football that Austria, a young and dynamic team in this group,
one of the first two of your favorite team.
David Alaba, Aleksandar Dragovic, Martin Harnik, Marcel Sabitzer and Marko Arnautovic has such powerful names in the squad.

In Brazil, the World Cup ticket lost to Portugal in the play-out matches the familiar names that we have in Sweden in the squad. The world-famous striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic from outside Isaksson, Jimmy Durmaz, Erkan Zengin and familiar footballer of Turkish sports fan like Källström wear shirts today. Sweden, Estonia last week with his two goals scored by Zlatan preparation match won 2-0.

According to analysis.
There may be a logical choice mutual goals. Both teams will score a goal.

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comments_img Europe (uefa): Euro 2016 France 19:45 Ukraine VS Slovakia

Ukraine will miss out team captain Tymoshchuk (133/4 M), Rotan (74/7 M) and Konoplyanka (37/8 M) both for injury reason. Khacheridi (28/3 D), Mandzyuk (24/1 D), Harmash (16/1 M), Selin (15/1 D) and Gomenyuk (8/- FW) also injured. The head coach of Ukrainian National Team doesn't called up to the national team Seleznev (42/9 FW) and Devic (35/7 FW), because they are out of form. Ukraine didn't lose in their last 10 home matches (8W 2D 0L)!

Slovakia will miss out regular goalkeeper Mucha (41/- GK) and Skrtel (66/5 D) for injury reason. Second best goalscorer Vittek (80/23 FW), Kuciak (10/- GK), Svento (29/1 D), Cisovsky (15/- D), Kona (5/- M), Jendrisek (37/4 FW), Holosko (63/7 FW), Jakubko (36/9 FW) and Bakos (13/- FW) also missing from the Slovakian squad.

Probable lineups:

Ukraine (4-2-3-1): Pyatov – Fedetsky, Rakitsky, Kucher, Shevchuk – Stepanenko, Kovalchuk – Yarmolenko, Shakov, Gusev – Zozulya

Slovakia (4-2-3-1): Kozacik – Pekarik, Gyomber, Durica, Hubocan – Pecovsky, Kiss – Weiss, Hamsik, Stoch – Nemec

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comments_img Europe (uefa): Euro 2016 France 17:00 Russia VS Liechtenstein

Russia will miss out Kozlov (13/0 D), Yeshchenko (14/0 D), Anyukov (77/1 D), Berezutski (51/0 D), Denisov (46/0 D), Zhirkov (62/1 M), Shirokov (41/12 M), Bystrov (47/4 M) and Pavel Pogrebnyak (33/8 F).

Liechtenstein will miss out Beck (92/5 FW), Gür (6/0 D) and Eberle (12/0 M). Hasler (28/1 FW) is retired from the national team.

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comments_img England: League Two 19:45 Newport County VS Cambridge United

Newport County will miss out Howe (3/- FW) and Crow (-/- FW) both for injury reason. Zebroski (5/1 FW) has returned from injury, he is ready to play.

Cambridge United will miss out Champion (5/- CM), a regular player from the midfielder section. Cambridge has played extra time on Tuesday. Dunk (3/- LM) has returned from injury, he is ready to play.

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Cambridge will miss captain Tom Champion (5/- M) and star striker Apiah (4/2). Simpson (5/2 W) is a doubt. 



comments_img Rep. Of Ireland: Premier 19:45 Sligo Rovers VS Bohemians

Sligo Rovers is missing:   A.Keane (D 19/2)  J.Henderson (D 15/0)  D.Ledwith (M 20/3)  R.Keating (F 8/0)  P.O'Conor (D 22/3)  I.Davoren (D 4/0)
doubtful :  G.Rogers (First GK)  S.Conneely (D 19/1)  J.Russell (M 20/5 second top scorer).


Bohemians is missing:   S.Best (D 0/0)  D.Byrne (M 17/1)  A.Murphy (M 10/0) Eoin Wearen (10/3 m), 


bohamians have a verry bad H2H against Sligro form 12 meetings thay won only once in 2011





comments_img Europe (uefa): Euro 2016 France 19:45 Estonia VS Slovenia

Estonia will miss out Rähn (74/0 D), Reintam (11/0 D), Šišov (42/0 D), Vassiljev (71/17 M), Mošnikov (21/0 M), Luts (20/1 M), S.Puri (57/3 M), Kink (82/6 F), Kotenko (27/- GK), Post (12/1 FW) and Ahjupera (22/1 FW).

Slovenia will miss out J.Handanovic (8/- GK), Jokic (68/1 D), Kelhar (6/- D), Kirm (62/6 M), Pecnik (24/4 M), Krhin (16/1 M), Bezjak (5/- FW) and Dedic (48/8 FW).

Probable lineups:

Estonia (4-4-2): Pareiko – Jaager, Morozov, Klavan, Kallaste – Dmitrijev, Mets, Vunk, Lindpere – Zenjov, Anier

Slovenia (4-2-3-1): S. Handanovic – Brecko, Samardzic, Cesar, Jokic – Mertelj, Kurtic – Kampl, Ilicic, Birsa – Matavz

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comments_img Europe (uefa): Euro 2016 France 19:45 Luxembourg VS Belarus

Luxembourg will miss out Mutsch (73/2 M), Joachim (50/6 FW), Oberweis (7/- GK), Martino (17/- D), Bukvic (10/- D), Pedro (9/- FW) and Peters (91/3 FW).

Belarus will miss out Tsiharov (35/1 M), Vyeramko (26/- GK), Verkhovtsov (42/3 D), Trubila (16/- D), Radzkow (13/- D), Putsila (44/6 M), Valadzko (9/1 M), Chukhley (7/- M), Renan Bressan (17/3 M), Sitko (15/2 M) and Rodionov (46/10 FW).

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comments_img Europe (uefa): Euro 2016 France 19:45 Montenegro VS Moldova

Montenegro will miss out Jovetic (32/12 FW) for injury reason. Drincic (33/3 M) retired from the national team on Sunday. Bozovic (36/- GK), Jovanovic (35/- D), Dzudovic (26/1 D), Boskovic (29/1 D), Cetkovic (6/1 M), Vukcevic (43/2 M), Novakovic (22/- M) and Delibasic (21/6 FW) also missing from the squad of Montenegro. Basa (29/2 D) and Volkov (12/- D) are doubtful.

Moldova will miss out Calancea (13/- GK), Pascenco (16/- GK), Bordian (36/1 D), Bulgaru (24/1 D), Bolohan (12/- D), Patras (17/- M), Gatcan (40/2 M), Suvorov (49/5 M), Picusceac (20/3 FW), Frunza (37/8 FW), Bugaiov (42/7 FW) and Doros (28/3 FW).

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comments_img Europe (uefa): Euro 2016 France 19:45 San Marino VS Lithuania

San Marino will miss out Simoncini (33/- D), Bollini (10/- D), Benedettini (8/- D), Buscarini (8/- D), Berretti (22/- M), Cibelli (12/- M) and Coppini (12/- M).

Lithuania will miss out Karcemarskas (66/- GK), Zaliukas (24/1 D), Stankevicius (65/5 D), Klimavicius (41/3 D), Mikuckis (10/- D), Kalonas (45/3 M), Novikovas (13/1 M), Panka (29/- M), D.Cesnauskis (57/4 M), Ivaskevicius (28/- M), Razulis (6/1 FW), E.Cesnauskis (45/5 FW), Sernas (35/5 FW) and Matulevicius (12/3 FW).

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comments_img Europe (uefa): Euro 2016 France 19:45 Spain VS Fyr Macedonia

Spain will miss out Diego Costa (5/- FW), Valdés (20/- GK), Navas (34/3 M), Martínez (18/- M), Alcantara (5/- M) and Álvaro Negredo (21/10 FW) both for injury reason. Reina (33/- GK), Mata (34/- M), Torres (110/38 FW) and Pique (61/4 D) also missing from the Spanish squad. Villa (97/59 FW), Alonso (114/16 M), Xavi (133/13 M) and Arbeloa (56/- D) both retired from the national team.

Macedonia will miss out Grncarov (34/1 D), Georgievski (20/- D), Popov (46/2 D), Tasevski (45/1 M), Gligorov (18/- M), Ilijoski (10/1 FW), Trickovski (34/4 FW) and Ivanovski (21/1 FW). Noveski (64/5 D) and Pandev (75/26 FW) both retired from the international football.

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comments_img Europe (uefa): Euro 2016 France 19:45 Switzerland VS England

Switzerland will miss out Wölfli (11/- GK), Ziegler (35/1 D), Klose (8/- D), Barnetta (74/10 M), Schwegler (14/3 M), Gavranovic (11/4 FW) and Derdiyok (46/8 FW). Benaglio (62/- GK) is retired from the international football.

England will miss out Barkley (9/- M), Walcott (36/5 FW), Carrick (31/- M), Lallana (9/- M), Shaw (3/- D), Foster (8/- GK) and Walker (10/- D) both for injury reason. Johnson (54/1 D), Smalling (13/- D), Cleverley (13/- M), Young (30/7 M), Defoe (55/19 FW), Carroll (9/2 FW) also missing from the English squad. Wayne Rooney (95/40 F) appointed as the new team captain. Frank Lampard (106/29 M) and Steven Gerrard (114/21 M) both retired from international duty.

Probable lineups:

Switzerland (4-2-3-1): Sommer – Lichtsteiner, Schar, von Bergen, Rodriguez – Inler, Behrami – Xhaka, Shaqiri, Mehmedi – Drmic

England (4-4-2): Hart – Stones, Jones, Cahill, Baines – Oxlade-Chamberlain, Henderson, Wilshere, Sterling – Rooney, Sturridge

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