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comments_img Friendly Games: Friendly International 02:00 Brazil VS Ecuador

Brazil will miss out Maicon (76/7 D), David Luiz (44/2 D), Alex Sandro (6/0 D), Hulk (41/9 FW), Thiago Silva (52/3 D), the retired Júlio César (87/0 GK), Dani Alves (79/6 d), Dante (13/2 d), Maxwell (10/0 d), Paulinho (32/5 m), Hernanes (27/2 m), Bernard (14/1 M), Lucas Moura (31/4 M), Lucas Leiva (24/0 M), the retired Fred (39/18 FW) and Jô (20/5 FW).

Ecuador will miss out Jorge Guagua (62/2 D), Gabriel Achilier (24/0 D), Óscar Bagüí (21/0 D), the retired Édison Méndez (111/18 M), Antonio Valencia (74/8 M), Luis Saritama (49/0 M), Jefferson Montero (43/8 M), Michael Arroyo (23/3 M), Oswaldo Minda (20/0 M), Felipe Caicedo (53/15 FW), Jaime Ayoví (30/9 FW) and Ángel Mena (0/0 M).

ZNews - 09/09/2014 19:14 CET


comments_img Friendly Games: Friendly International 03:00 Bolivia VS Mexico

Bolivia will miss out Edward Zenteno (13/0 D), Diego Bejarano (8/1 D), Wálter Veizaga (10/0 M), Marcelo Martins Moreno (48/12 FW), Alcides Peña (15/1 FW), Luis Alberto Gutiérrez (40/0 D) and Juan Carlos Arce (42/5 FW).

Mexico will miss out top goalscorer Javier Hernández (66/36 FW), Miguel Herrera (1/0 D), Francisco Javier Rodríguez (100/1 D), Alfredo Talavera (14/0 GK), José de Jesús Corona (34/0 GK), Jorge Torres Nilo (38/1 D), Rafael Márquez (124/15 D), Héctor Moreno (57/1 D), Diego Reyes (15/0 D), Juan Carlos Valenzuela (19/0 D), Carlos Peña (17/2 M), Luis Montes (12/3 M), Jesús Zavala (30/2 M), Raúl Jiménez (26/4 FW), Aldo de Nigris (28/9 FW) and the retired Carlos Salcido (124/10 D).

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comments_img Brazil: Serie A 23:30 Figueirense VS Fluminense

Figueirense will miss out Franca (1/- M), Jonatan Ponciano (2/- FW), Ricardo Bueno (12/- FW), Kléber (4/- M in the Brazilian Serie A) and regular midfielder Luan (14/- M) both for injury reason. Regular goalkeeper Volpi (16/- GK), Nem (7/- M) and Cereceda (7/- D) are both suspended.

Fluminense will miss out regular goalkeeper Cavalieri (13/- GK) because he is suspended. Key player Carlinhos (15/- D), Edson (3/- M), Gum (14/- D), Rafael Sobis (17/3 FW) and Valencia (9/- M) are both injured.

ZNews - 09/09/2014 18:50 CET



To me, this team must win at Fluminense. Even should take notice. But you need to think about when major shortcomings. For the first time players will wear shirts to show itself when the over 2.5 goals may be the most sensible choice.

analysis by bigboss


comments_img Brazil: Serie A 23:30 Gremio VS Atletico Paranaense

Gremio will miss out Gabriel (-/- D) and Marquinhos Pedroso (1/- D) both for injury reason. Felipe Bastos (4/- M) is suspended. Edinho (10/- R) and Riveros (12/- M) are both doubtful. Top goalscorer Hernán Barcos (14/7 FW) and Ramiro (14/- M) are back, ready to play.

Atletico PR will miss out top goalscorer Douglas Coutinho (15/7 FW) and Léo Pereira (14/- D) because they called up to the national team. Cléo (8/2 FW), Dráusio (6/1 D), Sueliton (15/- D) and Joao Paulo (11/- M) are both doubtful.

ZNews - 09/09/2014 18:53 CET


comments_img Spain: Fa Cup 19:00 Sporting Gijon VS Valladolid

Gijon will miss out C.Carmona (3/1 M), N.Cases (3/0 M), A.Barrera (3/0 M), B.Espinosa (3/0 D), Lora (3/0 D) and A.Menendez (3/0 D).

Valladolid could play with full strength squad.

ZNews - 10/09/2014 07:18 CET


comments_img Spain: Fa Cup 19:00 Betis VS Llagostera

Real Betis will miss out Á.Martínez (2/0 D), Piccini (1/0 D), N'Diaye (1/0 M), Juanfran (0/0 D) and Vadillo (0/0 M).

Llagostera could play with full strength squad.

ZNews - 10/09/2014 07:22 CET


comments_img Spain: Fa Cup 19:00 Albacete VS Zaragoza

Albacete could play with full strength squad.

Real Zaragoza will miss out Barkero (0/0 M), Chuli (0/0 FW), Porcar (1/0 FW), Pedro (3/1 M), Romero (1/0 M), Mario (2/0 D) and Fernández (3/0 D).

ZNews - 10/09/2014 07:20 CET


comments_img Italy: Serie B 19:30 Vicenza VS Latina

Vicenza is missing: Calzi Midfielder 0/0 and there is one good defender back D.Elia 0/0

There is aGood atmosphere inside the club And High fan support expected.
Bad thing is that the coach is suspended.
Vicenza transfered 2 experienced players: Sciacca and Di Gennaro. The potential of the team will be upgraded.
Lineup comparing to the last game is better. 
In the last game even with bad lineup, Vicenza showed fighting spirit.
They lost because their lineup wasnt able to cover all gaps. Now at home they are better
Di Gennaro will play from the start. With him, the team will be better and attacking minded. 

Latina is missing: Viviani  Midfielder 0/0  Di Gennaro  Goalkeeper 0/0  Figliomeni Defense 0/0  Nortey Ashong Defense 0/0

Latina won the last game but thay were very bad. Coach Beretta will be on bench he is not suspended any more.
The last  game of Latina was boring, according to Italian media  the team seems not ready yet.




comments_img Spain: Fa Cup 19:30 Alcoyano VS Gimnastic

Alcoyano could play with full strength squad.

Gimnastic will miss out R.Garcia (2/0 FW), C.Gil (2/0 M) and J.Assoubre (2/0 M).

ZNews - 10/09/2014 07:16 CET


comments_img Spain: Fa Cup 20:00 Recreativo Huelva VS Ponferradina

Recreativo de Huelva will miss out F.Vega (2/0 D), Tono (1/0 D), A.Montoro (2/0 M), Dimas (3/0 M) and Caye (1/0 FW).

Ponferradina will miss out S.Camille (3/0 D), Rueda (2/0 M) and J.Berrocal (3/0 FW).

ZNews - 10/09/2014 07:14 CET


comments_img Spain: Fa Cup 20:00 Murcia VS Sabadell

Murcia could play with full strength squad. They have started the Spanish Segunda División-B (this is the third level at Spain) with an away win vs. Racing Ferrol (2-1), and on the last weekend they have lost on the home match vs. Celta Vigo II. (0-1).

Sabadell will miss out Cristian (2/0 D), Kiko (3/1 D), Longás (1/0 D), Eguaras (3/0 M), Tanabe (3/0 M), Ciércoles (0/0 M), Hidalgo (0/0 M), Toscano (0/0 M), Edgar (1/1 FW) and Raúl Tamudo (2/1 FW). Sabadell have lost all of their matches in the Spanish Segunda División (second level at Spain), they scored 3 goals and conceded 9 goals on 3 matches.

ZNews - 10/09/2014 07:15 CET


comments_img Spain: Fa Cup 21:00 Mallorca VS Las Palmas

Mallorca will miss out P.Bigas (1/0 D), Arana (1/0 M), J.Marti (3/1 M), M.Asensio (3/0 M) and Fofo (3/0 FW).

Las Palmas will miss out Momo (2/0 M) and Hernan (3/0 M).

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comments_img Brazil: Serie A 23:30 Palmeiras VS Criciuma

Palmeiras will miss out Fernando Prass (3/- GK in the Brazilian Serie A), Dias (1/- D), key player Lucio (14/1 D), Valdivia (5/- M), Wendel (15/- D) and Wesley (14/1 M) both for injury reason. Josimar (8/- M) is suspended. Wellington (3/- D) is doubtful.

Criciúma will miss out Maylson (4/- M), Martinez (7/- M), Danilo Alves (5/- FW), Rafael Donato (-/- D), Michael (2/- FW), Bruno Lopes (10/- FW) and Rafael Costa (4/- M) both for injury reason.

ZNews - 09/09/2014 18:58 CET


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