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comments_img Greece: Super League Play Off Round 15:00 Asteras Tripolis VS Paok

At the first round of greek Superleague Play-off Asteras Tripolis will miss out Goian (28/1 CB), the key player of Asteras defense, he is suspended. N'Daw (28/3 DM) is also suspended. Kontoes (28/- CB) is doubtful. Second best goalscorer de Blasis (36/9 LW) is back, like Kourbelis (17/- CB) and Lisgaras (3/- CB) they are ready to play. Asteras lost their last two matches at Super League.

PAOK head coach Giorgos Georgiadis has a lot of missing players. Vukic (27/9 CF) and Lucas (32/9 LW) who are the third best goalscorers at PAOK are injured, like Hoesen (10/1 FW), and regular central back Vítor (24/5 CB). Insaurralde (10/- CB) and Tzavellas (23/2 LB) are both suspended. PAOK is unbeaten since one months ago.

ZNews - 13 May 18:25 CET


comments_img Greece: Super League Play Off Round 17:15 Panathinaikos VS Atromitos Athinon

Panathinaikos will play this match without the support of their fanatical fans, because the game will be played behind closed doors. Panathinaikos will miss out key player of the offense, Mladen Petric (9/1 FW) because he is injured. Triantafyllopoulos (30/1 CB) also injured. Schildenfeld (27/- CB) is doubtful.

Atromitos will miss out the top goalscorer of the team. Dimitrios Papadopoulos (35/14 ST) is suspended, like Lazaridis (37/2 CB) the regular player of defense, who also suspended. Nastos (30/4 CB) is back, ready to play.

ZNews - 13 May 18:35 CET


comments_img Europe: Uefa Europa League 19:45 Sevilla VS Benfica

The Europa League final will be played at Torino, Italy, it will be neutral venue for both teams. Sevilla will miss out Cicinho (-/- RB) for injury reason, and Jairo (4/- RW) is suspended, but Cicinho was not regular player at Unai Emery's team, and Jairo usually played at Spanish Primera División matches (Jairo's stat is 24/3 at Primera División). Key player Gameiro (11/5 CF at Europa League and 34/15 at Primera División) and Vitolo (12/3 LW at EL and 29/4 at PD) are doubtful. There is a good atmosphere inside the club and high fan support expected.

Benfica will miss out two regular players from the team. Markovic (13/1 LW) and Pérez (12/- CM) are both suspended, like Salvio (6/1 RW). Fejsa (7/- DM) and Silvio (6/- RB) also missing, they are injured since the start of April.

ZNews - 14 May 07:24 CET


comments_img Brazil: Serie B 01:50 Oeste VS Ponte Preta

At the 5.round of brazilian Serie B Oeste will miss out two regular players of the team. Cris (4/- CB) is injured, Leandro Melo (4/- DM) is suspended.

Ponte Preta will miss out Fernando Bob (4/- DM) because he is injured.

ZNews - 13 May 18:41 CET


comments_img Switzerland: Challenge League 17:30 Servette Fc VS Fc Wil 1900

Servette is currently on the rank 5. at swiss Challenge League with 58 points, but they collected equal points like 3.placed Schaffhausen, so they have real chance to win some medal at the end of the season. Servette will miss out third best goalscorer Roux (23/7 CF) who is suspended,  and Pont (18/- DM) for injury reason. Cespedes (9/1 CF), Hasanovic (15/1 CM) and Rodrigues (11/- RB) are unavailable for this match, because they called to the swiss U-19 national team. Servette is in very good form, they won their last 3 matches at Challenge League.

2.placed FC Wil (with 60 points) will miss out Berisa (2/- DM) for injury reason, but he is not regular player. Platero (31/2 CB) is doubtful.

ZNews - 13 May 19:28 CET


comments_img Switzerland: Challenge League 17:30 Fc Vaduz VS Fc Schaffhausen

FC Vaduz is already champion at swiss Challenge League, so they could play without any pressure. They will miss out Baron (4/- ST), Pergl (19/1 CB) and regular player of defense, Von Niederhäusern (29/1 RB), they are both injured. Vaduz lost their last two matches.

Currently 3.placed Schaffhausen will miss out Ndzomo (30/- DM), he is suspended. Alioski (26/2 LB), Dos Santos (1/- M), Schnorf (22/1 CB) and Varga (12/- CB) also missing, they are both injured.

ZNews - 13 May 19:43 CET


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Date: May 14, 2014