21th May. Market Moves of the Day

Romania 19:00 Viitorul Constanta VS Ceahlaul Piatra Neamt

Third day in a row where there is huge sum placed at Betfair on home team and Asian or European bookmakers haven’t that moved or moved up slightly due to low price or “big AH” so if anything fishy inside this game the safer way is to take a big stake on home to win straight. Home -1.25 “only” dropped of 0.07 pts average when 176K€!! Where placed on home to win at Betfair representing 96% of the stake of this match on them.

Mitrea and Lazar out, Viitorul will have their destiny in hands here about relegation with a win to be short and simple here as too many scenarios in Romania today and many strange games regarding possible fix and big money involved. They are in a rather ok form with 2 wins in a row at home and only 2 games lost last 8 rounds. They fought well to get a salvation in the End and will focus here to get it.

Ceahlaul is without any aim and pressure in this end of season. Siting close to the middle of the table, nothing can happen to them. They will be missing on regular def (Canu) and 2 other less important. Tepes in defense but especially Golubovic are back to lead their offense and as top scorer he has hopes to break Viitorul back line today… Let see!


Romania  16:00 Fc Botosani VS Dinamo Bucuresti

Huge moves on this one where home dropped of 0.42 pts average in european bookmakers! Asian “exploded” also on home from opening at +0.25 AH around 1.55 to now -0.25! around 1.80!

92% of the stakes were placed on home here (43K€).

Botosani missing Vasvar here. They will be facing a team in complete end of season with a probable very mixed if not reserve squad so they will go for a win here.

Dinamo in pure no interest here. 8 players left already for holidays, bench guys, young players will be in big part of this match here. Dinamo has nothing to play as they have not received the License for European cup so they are on the beach here almost..


Denmark Div 1 16:30 Silkeborg VS Fc Fredericia

Silkeborg fighting for a promotion spot (leader atm but some danger behind them). Silkeborg has not lost since 6 games,won the last 2 at home and scored at least one goal in 93%! Of their games at home!

Fredericia with nothing to play for, they are usually quite weak away from home and between suspended, injured and doubtful players because if a flu/virus… too many players out or in doubt and barely a serious lineup possible to field here..


European bookmaers dropped of around 0.09/0.10 pts average and Asian dropped  much more (under some respected opinion in the closed sharp punters circle going also on Silkeborg) of average 0.20 pts! On Home -1 AH


Category: Daily Analysis

Written by: Arsene

Date: May 21, 2014