3rd June. Market Moves of the Day

Italy Serie B playoff Tue 17:00 Crotone VS Bari

70% of the stakes in this game were placed on DRAW. Only few K€ so it is not as strong outcome as in the past weeks where some games likely made some arrangement. Here no reason for both to agree on a draw. Playoff played in one leg, value for me if any is on away, far more interesting and good overall team and even recent form proved it when Crotone got luck that Palermo allowed them a friendly draw for example + some disappointing matches before that, for me almost a miracle that they got playoff! European bookmakers registered also some drops on DRAW with average drops from 3.07 to 2.89. Asian Bookmakers almost no moves.

Crotone will miss out Kone (-/- CB) because he is called up to the national team. Ligi (28/1 CB) is injured since the end of April.

Bari is a more talented team, in recent far better shape and display. Bari will miss out Romizi (29/2 CM) for injury reason, like Nadarevic (10/1 LW). Alonso (7/- CF) also injured, but very long time ago. Pena (1/- GK) is doubtful. Two regular defenders are back, Calderoni (40/3 LB) and second best goalscorer Ceppitelli (38/6 CB) ready to play, like Fossati (24/- CM).

Italy Serie B playoff Tue 19:30 Modena VS Spezia

Here logical small moves on home.

They are more reliable defensively and attack is doing well (2nd best attack of the division). Modena will miss out regular player Salifu (29/- CM) because he is suspended. Belloni (7/1 RM), Dalla Bona (15/- CM) and Potenza (15/- RB) are both injured, but long time ago. Rangel Cionek (30/1 CB) is doubtful

Spezia will miss out regular midfielder Seymour (29/1 AM) for injury reason. Giannetti (12/5 LW), Datkovic (6/1 CM) and Rivas (16/- RW) are both injured, but long time ago. Ceccaroni (-/- LB) and Ciurria (5/- RW) are back, ready to play. Spezia problem is their quite inefficient attack. They are also quite limited on the road.


Category: Daily Analysis

Written by: Arsene

Date: Jun 03, 2014