4th June. Market Moves of the Day

Calm day today but few International games + few small leagues..

First we have the biggest market today in term of money placed which is : 19:00 Ecuador VS England

415K€ placed in this game and 360K€ are on England to win! Nothing surprising as they Uk people are well represented in this bookmaker and then England as most teams is supposed to take this one very seriously as the last “pre” world cup match. Get in mind the necessity also to be careful about injuries etc, so all in all no special moves there excepted a little bit on draw but nothing special to note here out of this game to be supported by people today and likely mostly UK ones.

Finland : Veikkausliiga 15:30 Lahti VS Tps

Moves here on home quite logically. European bookmakers moved of few points as people tend to back Asian Handicap rather with -1 who moved dow of more than 0.10 pts!

Home team 4th rank in the league, best defense and 2nd best defense when playing at home with a quite impressive 1 goal allowed only this season and zero loss on their pitch (after 4 home games only ok!) Lahti will miss out regular central back Joenmäki (7/- CB) for injury reason. Saarelma (-/- LM) is also injured.

But TPS who will miss out regular right back Jovanovic (9/1 RB), because he is suspended. Okaru (-/- FW), Mäkinen (-/- CM) and Aalto (-/- GK) are both injured. Regular goalkeeper Lehtovaara (8/- GK) is doubtful. De John (6/- CB) is back, ready to play.

TPS  won only 2 games this season, 2 games won only last 10 matches and worst attack of the league with 4 goals scored, second worst defense with 16 goals allowed !

Adding that some trusted Tipsters tipped Lahti victory making it a logical mover when taking into account both the trends/stats + team news + Tipsters pushing on it around the globe.


Some info about the today most “trusted” international games:

18:30 Netherlands VS Wales

Guzman out but pretty much the best ones able to start. Wales crap level and with a bunch of guys outs including Bale and Ramsey! Of course people on home to win easily but it is up to how strongly they will push..

00:00 Chile VS Northern Ireland

Chile last game before WC and here also expected to take it serious vs poor and full of missing N.Ireland. Chile will have to cope with Vidal and Valdivia absentee but squad is pretty much solid when N.Ireland have between 10-15 players away for different (and some funny) reasons/excuses.

19:30 Algeria VS Romania

Moves toward Algeria a bit..

Algeria with serious approach always with strict mentality coach and just won over Armenia 3-1 playing with a really mixed squad! Now they will play with a more serious lineup despite missing out Adlène Guedioura (28/2 M), Foued Kadir (23/2 M), Ryad Boudebouz (16/1 M) and Rafik Djebbour (33/5 F).

Romania will miss out regular goalkeeper Bogdan Lobont (85/0 GK), second best goalscorer Marius Niculae (44/15 F), Florin Gardos (12/0 D), Paul Papp (11/1 D), Dorin Goian (59/5 D), Gabriel Torje (36/10 M), Răzvan Cocis (50/2 M), Bogdan Stancu (29/6 F), Gheorghe Grozav (17/3 F),  Gheorghe Bucur (26/4 F) and Alexandru Mătel (13/0 D). Romanian struggle in quality overall and these missing and then reshuffled squad in big number won’t help!



Category: Daily Analysis

Written by: Arsene

Date: Jun 04, 2014