22nd June. Market Moves of the Day

WC 2014 17:00  Belgium VS Russia 

Belgium got a lot of stakes on them today (the most staked team in Betfair today)with around 1,3M€ on them to win.  Asian bookmakers moved biggggg against them in recent hours and we have the feeling that it is far too much to be able to catch almost 2.20 on Belgium!

Belgium disappointed vs Algeria but Algeria did it very compact in the backline first and punished them on their first chance of the game and then in the end it likely helped Belgium who could get the ball control and attack, attack and finally turn around a 0-1 deficit into 2-1 win in the end.

Russia was really uninspired and poor vs a very weak Korean generation and proved once again they are nothing anymore.

Here the move against Belgium and the idea that Belgium could face a less defensive team who is somehow quite limited in talent would help greatly to see a value on Belgium at actual prices now!


WC 2014 20:00  South Korea VS Algeria

At Betfair, Korea got 59% of the stakes on them to win, I hardly understand why but Asian bookmakers now seems to get opposite bets (Algeria not to lose) which is a bit more logical to me.

Korea was lucky to face a quite idealess Russia as they showed nothing special as expected just discipline in the play but no real talent. Russia with few more talent should have beat them but it is not the case. Here they will be facing a supposed small team on the WC starting ranking but who is with quite some individual talents and far better talents than Koreans.

Algeria went against Belgium to avoid a loss and they were close to do it. Yes but with playing all in defense means to take risk to be punished sooner or later and it happened. Now they will have to try more and their individual talent could help to let the control of the ball to Korea but still take something in the end (avoid the defeat tis time but a win would be welcome).

WC 2014 23:00 Usa VS Portugal 

Stakes at 81% on Portugal here. Likely people expect CR7 to wake up after a poor 1st game but USA are quite strange and hard nut to crack for a team already obliged to win.

USA did pretty well against Ghana who took them as weak team unable to beat them and usual African laziness or lack of focus did the rest. Even if Ghana is still the most focused African team of this WC. They took the lead after few seconds of play (thanks to sleepy Ghana defense) and despite a good pressing from Ghana and the leveler in the 2nd half from A.Ayew, they never stopped to push also instead of trying to keep the draw and finally took the 2-1 win in the end. USA won’t be so easy to beat for a quite weak Portugal team where Pepe is out and CR7 will be quite alone to do another miracle ? (he saved his team so often from poor games recently).



Category: Daily Analysis

Written by: Arsene

Date: Jun 22, 2014