24th June. Market Moves of the Day

WC 2014 17:00  Costa Rica VS England

Yes as every match of England in this WC, people (i think mostly in UK) at Betfair back them to win. 2,1M€! On their victory today! Previous two rounds, other bettors laying them should have been very happy. Will they again? At the total opposite, Asian bookmakers also offered early, the Costa Rica +1.25 AH are now only offering +0.75. It is due to their solid results in their two first games beating Uruguay 3-1 and Italy 1-0 when England simply out.

Costa Rica did pretty well and defense has been quite solid finally when we thought it could have been hard. Uruguay was leading them 1-0 but finally exploded, Italy was outplayed by them and without a real idea how to break their defense, Italians couldn’t find the way to nets..

The value was clearly on Costa Rica +1.25 to me even if both team will rotate a bit, England could win but hardly so easily vs a team who have such a solid tactical guru as coach and then with a probable as solidly focused “mixed squad” as the “normal” one in the first two games.

WC 2014 17:00 Italy VS Uruguay

Here odds on home to win went down of about 0.20/0.25 pts average when Asia record nothing special or just the Away on Handicap who is a bit more trusted last hours..

Italy won their first game vs England but disappointed very big in their offensive lack of creativity to beat this supposed average Costa Rica. Too hurry or already trying the same type of things, Italy will need a draw here at least to qualify. Uruguay will need a win here but they will likely face a big Catenaccio. I would say draw with small advantage to Uruguay to finally surprise in a moment or another with their talented and hungry Cavani or quite active and already hot Suarez!

WC 2014 21:00 Japan VS Colombia

Here very early and before that South American teams cause troubles almost everywhere,  everyone or let say many people were going on Colombia. Now Asian bookmakers are going up on Colombia when Japan +0.50 went down of average 0.09 pts.

Yes I also think that if their coach don’t put a too weakened lineup for this meaningless game for them (as already qualified), they will beat these very limited Japanese players.

Colombia have only lost vs Uruguay in September but last 9 matches, they have not lost any! Squad will be rotated but won’t give up as in a friendly as bench guys are also eager to play there.

WC 2014 21:00 Greece VS Cote D Ivoire

Greece did better in the second half playing 10 men vs Japan than when they were 11! Strange but true! Asian bookmakers moved from -0.25 on them to -0.50 now.

Yes Greece need a win to be sure to qualify after 1 win but also 1 loss last round vs Colombia! Both Japan and Greece could have hopes if they win today. Greece will have to try offense, not their specialty but Ivory Coast rather strange defense could still allow them to score their first goal in this WC! What a pity…

Ivory Coast need a win here and will take the game in “feet”… They have still a quite hungry and talented team, once again Africa doesn’t help sometime with focus and pro united teams spirit… Here a qualification is possible so let think they will be focused!

Category: Daily Analysis

Written by: Arsene

Date: Jun 24, 2014