30th June. Market Moves of the Day

WC 2014 17:00 France VS Nigeria


Fun to see France more favorite on straight win at Betfair in bettor’s choices rather than Germany when France have -1 AH and Germany -1.50.  6,2M€! on France to win placed at the moment at Betfair! European bookmakers recorded drops of 0.07 ps last hours on France to win as well.

Yes France did showed a good form and style, just a bit less good vs Ecuador especially that they played at 11 vs 10 for some time. Ecuador simply quite well organized and also bloody dangerous on counter so it was dangerous for France to go all-out attack and since there was no huge need for a win, they just wasted some chances and finished in a disappointing 0-0. Today normally starting with Benzema + Giroud to try to get more possibilities in attack as Benzema is more a forward who likes to have the ball and run with it, he need spaces when Giroud is the usual front striker in the penalty area and looking for cross kicks.

Nigeria on the paper could have been one good team but the truth is that between their strike and internal problems about money etc, they are in a mess. They played crap and just the average Argies allowed them to score 2 goals, but excepted in physical impact, I wonder where Nigeria could have the edge over France…

WC2014 21:00 Germany VS Algeria

Prices going up mostly in Asian bookmakers against Germany to cover -1.50 AH.

 Yes I admit I feel this line tricky as German defense never looked safe at all since ages so it is not a dream to see Algeria maybe able to score once there. Germany will once again rely on discipline and offensive weapons to kill this small name opponent.

Yes, despite their respectable coach and a really united appearance, Algeria is more about playing compact and cautious rather than putting a lot of danger in opponent side of the pitch. Algeria was already fortunate to be here (yes deserved it in some way but also a bit like Greece, showed limited quality and experience/danger upfront to worry a lot these bigger experience teams)


Category: Daily Analysis

Written by: Arsene

Date: Jun 30, 2014